Paul KaundsFounder & CEO

Broad experience in Systems/Digital Product Development and Advanced e/SV/UVM IP/Subsystem/System-on-chip Verification expertise in the Telecommunications, Networking, DSP, Wireless and Processor industry.

Around 2 decades of extensive industry experience into Architecture, Design and Verification of IPs, Subsystems, SOCs, ASICs, FPGAs, Test chips & VIPs.

Leadership skills demonstrated through building, managing and developing highly productive teams both locally and in remote sites. Ability to conceptualise, create strategic road maps, build and lead global engineering teams and improve top and bottom line numbers very quickly.

Have worked/consulted for various companies like Ericsson-US, Metrooptix-US, Synopsys, Renesas-UK, Bluewireless, Synaptics/Displaylink, IMC-Netherlands, Cirruslogic, Atomos and various Silicon Valley Startups.

Presented in SNUG, DVCON, Mentor U2U
Technical Program Committee member of SNUG-Europe and DVCON-Europe

Paul has Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication with Distinction from BIET-India

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