– Feasibility study
– IP/Subsystem/Chip level Architecture
– Microarchitecture and detailed design
– RTL Development and basic Verification

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SoC/ASIC/FPGA Design Verification

– Verification Strategy and Verification Planning
– Verification Environment Architecture and Development

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IoT Node

– IoT Node Architecture Design and development
– Firmware  and Middleware Development

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Embedded Systems

– Embedded Product Specific System Definition and Building Reference Systems
– Architecture and Design Services 

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User Experience Design

We bring you the most innovative and user-centric approach in the User Experience domain. Be it the overall customer journey or the user friendly interfaces, we design it by gathering the insights…

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UI Engineering

Our engineers receive the assets provided by our designers and they start structuring the functional models with all the needed requirements.

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Product Engineering

We consider product engineering as an innovation process with its roots embedded into multiple dimensions and spread across design, development and deployment.

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Web & Mobile App Development

Our Web & Mobile App development team fully takes care of the entire project life cycle of our client’s innovative products & services with the most crucial phases starting from the conceived idea to the actual deployment of services.

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Branding & Creative Services

Branding is all about stories and strategies. We helps you tell your story, define a strategy and create stunning brand identities and visual designs to back up all those.

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