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California, US
HiLight AI unlocks the full potential of videos!, Organize video content with on-video tagging, Engage your audience with finer details, Analyze form and movement, Create beautiful HiLights & promotional videos, Collaborate with your teams seamlessly.

Vtool Ltd.

Tel Aviv, Belgrade, and Paris.
Vtool is helping semiconductor companies release their microchips faster and with fewer bugs. Established in 2014, Vtool's team of professionals work out of Tel Aviv, Belgrade, and Paris. Vtool targets the semiconductors domain with revolutionary solutions that usher in a new era in chip design, and by extension, the entire technological world. As a Verification company, Vtool created the Cogita, a first-of-its-kind, abstract debug technology that leverages big data analysis to detect semiconductor design bugs five times faster than conventional methods. Vtool augments its verification solution by consulting and support, and provides to its customers an end-to-end solution from concept to a working, bug-free product

iClimbSystems India Pvt. Ltd

Software Development
Bengaluru, India
iClimb Systems is a technology and services company specialized in iOS/Android Applications, Full stack development, Security, Embedded SW development in IoT, Automotive and Payment Domains. Our Rapid Prototyping and Quick and high quality deliveries helping organizations to reduce time-to-market .iClimbSystems pairs directly with our customers, bringing the holistic vision of SW development to life through practical application and helping to foster modern software development cultures within corporate IT departments.

Apoxeo Solutions Pvt. Ltd

UX Design, UI Development and Product Engineering
Bengaluru, India
Apoxeo is a UX Design and Product Engineering company. Our whole existence revolves around creating excellent user experience to the end user, using our combined experience and expertise in the field for more than a decade and half.

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