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P&C Tech consultants is an elite international team of Chip Design, Chip Verification and Software experts. We specialise in solving the complex problems in innovative ways using most powerful modern design tools, methodologies and flow.


Silicon to Systems.

Our Innovation process starts from conceiving the idea to designing it to perfection and to develop and deploy it in the optimal way.

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...and, we shape the life of tomorrow by:

Semiconductor Consulting

Specialized Consulting in various domains like USB, PCIe, 10GbE, DDR, RISC Processors, Next Gen SONET/SDH/OTN, Wireless, 5G, Image processing and AI/IOT.

Software Consulting

We use the most advanced technologies that lead to the transformation of engineered services for the clients to enable them to transform their products from traditional engineering softwares to enhanced product engineering softwares.

Our on-demand services include...


Feasibility study, Power/Performance/Area analysis.

IP/Subsystem/System-on-Chip level Architecture

Microarchitecture and Detailed design

RTL Development and Basic Sanity Verification

Linting, Synthesis and Static timing analysis

SoC/ASIC/FPGA Design Verification

Verification Strategy and Verification Planning.

SV/UVM/C Verification Environment Architecture and Development

Functional Coverage/Sequences/Assertions/Test Cases Development

Linting, Synthesis and Static timing analysis

RTL Development and Basic Sanity Verification

Verification IP Development

Verification Reviews and Audit

IoT Node

IoT Node Architecture Design and development.

Firmware and Middleware Development.

Building IoT devices Targeted for Health Care, Fintech, Home and Industrial Application

Node driven M2M, AI based service Development and System Integration

Wide range of connectivity Stack Experience – BT/BLE, NFC, Zigbee, RFID, WiFi

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We provide more than just quality services.


AI/ML based Next-Gen TOUCHLESS Attendance System

Face Recognition and Identity Platform

PrésenceX is a high-performance, scalable, face identity management platform, able to process single or group face IDs in real time and for marking attendance. PrésenceX is an integrated ERP solution for attendance management system.For Educational Institutes one can deploy this for Faculty attendance,Students attendance,Visitor management notifications. Inputs for payroll and workforce management.

Also, we have partners who make products that matter!

California, US

HiLight AI unlocks the full potential of videos! Organize video content with on-video tagging, engage your audience with finer details, analyze form and movement, create beautiful HiLights & promotional videos and collaborate with your teams seamlessly.

Apoxeo Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Bengaluru, India

Apoxeo is a UX Driven Product Engineering company. Our whole existence revolves around creating excellent user experience to the end user, using our combined experience and expertise in the field for more than a decade and half.

iClimbSystems India Pvt. Ltd
Bengaluru, India

iClimb Systems is a technology and services company specialized in iOS/Android Applications, Full stack development, Security, Embedded SW development in IoT, Automotive and payment domains. Our rapid prototyping and quick and high quality deliveries helping organizations to reduce time-to-market.

Vtool Ltd.
Tel Aviv, Belgrade, and Paris.

Vtool is helping semiconductor companies release their microchips faster and with fewer bugs. Established in 2014, Vtool's team of professionals work out of Tel Aviv, Belgrade, and Paris. Vtool targets the semiconductors domain with revolutionary solutions that usher in a new era in chip design, and by extension, the entire technological world.